Things most important

In two quick interviews, it was discovered that my friends have very similar Ideas of what the most important thing to them is.

Liam Douglas and Chris Rosenkranz each answered (both with their girlfriends in earshot) that the most important thing to them was there partners.

“I just love spending time with her doing nothing or catching up on our favorite TV series such as Game of Thrones or Vikings.” Said Chris.

he then went on to say, after his girlfriend left for work that “I also love my computer just as much, but don’t tell her [his girlfriend] i said that or ill be sleeping on the couch for a week.” he laughed.

Liam, A full time uni student living on campus with his girlfriend said “you’d think we’d get sick of each other but the amount of time we spend in class as well when we’re with friends, it works perfectly. We always have dinner together though”.

he added,”I play a lot of sport so she always comes and watches and cheers, and its really great to feel the love”.

just as Chris said and Liam alluded to here they are with there other loves.



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Preparing for my Media Coverage

The possible events I plan on covering are either the Longreach Cup or the Longreach Yellow Belly Fishing Classic.

the Longreach Cup is an annual horse racing meet during September, it is generally the largest meet in the Longreach shire which in includes Isisford and Ilfracombe as well as Longreach. As well as horse racing the event will feature fashions on the field as well entertainment from popular country musician Mick Lindsay. This day will be popular for punters and bookies alike, I plan to try and talk to local punters about what the day means to them as well as the Bookies and found out how the local races impact them. as well as some horse trainers to get an insight into what it is they do.

the Longreach Yellow Belly Fishing Classic is also an annual event, it occurs during August and runs for an entire weekend. It draws many people to the region with the hopes to catch the biggest Yellow belly in the Thompson River. Many people dedicate the entire week leading up to the event to finding the perfect spot on the river and camping there for the week to ensure they don’t lose it. Run by the local Opposite Lock I plan to interview someone from the company to find out how successful the event is as well as trying to get some words from some locals camping out.

The three main points from the Why you need a plan video are:

Time waits for no one, Scheduling and Accreditation.


Olympics on Twitter

with the Olympics on at the time of writing this, it was easy to predict what stories and hashtags would be trending. after defeating Lithuania in the quarter finals of the men’s basketball at Rio, some popular hashtags included #PattyMills #Boomers #OneTeam and #FreeChisGoulding. Its easy to see why these hashtags have risen to the top, with Australia assuming team sports such as water polo and hockey being a sure thing for Australia to win medals in, rather than falling out at the qualifying stages, Australia has rallied behind the last team standing.

You can see examples of tweets and hashtags being used by the ABC as well as Fox Sports.

ABC Grandstand

Fox Sports


Along with this, popular satire website The Betoota Advocate has also written articles about the #boomers. with satire and parody being something that is only relevant in the moment, having a satire article featuring the boomers shows how much they are trending.

Betoota Advocate


Appointment of Billy Slater

In this blog post, i will be comparing two articles each explaining the appointment of rugby league legend, Billy Slater to ambassador for Queensland thoroughbred racing.

the two articles are

Maroons legend Billy Slater to be announced as ambassador for Qld thoroughbred racing


Racing Queensland unveils league legend Slater as official ambassador

the first thing to notice is that the first article is written and published on an private news site whereas the second is done by the Queensland government. the former is more easy to look at with pictures, a clean large heading which stands out and informs what will the article will be about and short and concise paragraphs. the latter is a government message which is far less attractive, it features no pictures the heading is the same size as the paragraphs just bolded and although it has short paragraphs, the general aesthetic of the page gives a wall of text feel.

Both pieces talk about Slater’s exploits on the football field and his Allegiance to Queensland, they both also mention his connection to racing as he worked for famous trainer Gai Waterhouse. However the article issued by the government focuses more on the role Slater will play when taking on the new job whereas the other article talks about how Slater’s reputation will benefit Racing Queensland.


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