Week 9


What Kind of stories are in the newsletter

the stories in this newsletter are ones concerned with conservation and biology relating to saltwater crocodiles, it talks about the ecology and natural history of the animal as well as the endangered status and the management of keeping the crocodiles thriving. it also talks about the habitats it lives in and how land clearing can affect the crocodiles.


How do these target the organisation’s audience?

these types of newsletter don’t necessarily have to go out of there way to target a specific audience as it is a specialized article, anyone who is reading it would likely have been referred there or already know about it due to it being a scientific action plan paper.

in saying that, they are very well written and use lots of detail which would be useful for anyone studying in this area.


If you were a science journalist, is there anything you might be interested in following up as a story, and why?

Some interesting things in this article include population management which might be interesting to the general public as well as scientist, this is because animal rights and welfare have taken major strides forward and a lot of people care about these things.


What do you think is effective or otherwise about this newsletter?

the newsletter is effective in its use of statistics straight facts, all the information is relevant to what the article is about. the downfalls of it however are the fact that it is mainly just one big wall of text with only a few pictures, it uses small font so it would be hard to get someone who isn’t interest to actually read it.


Although it took me three goes to get this 100% i didn’t find it all that difficult as it was mainly finding punctuation errors and the only reason i got 9/10 on the second go is because i accidentally skipped a question




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