Week 8


Media Release

3/6/2016                                              For Immediate Release


Yesterday, the second of June 2016 a knife fight broke out between 40 cos players at out annual FakeComicCon event at the Brisbane convention center.

The fight broke out between a group of storm troopers and wolverines and start as a play fight but quickly took a turn ending with 12 injuries, with eight taken to Royal Brisbane Hospital of which two were in critical condition and placed in intensive care.

FakeComicCon CEO Casey Smith stated that one of the aims of FakeComicCon is to be a safe place for like minded people to come, play and meet.

He added that he “would like to tell the public how concerned we are for those involved, and how sad we are that something like this has happened at our event.

FakeComicCon is currently investigating the incident and cant release any specific details but will provide specifics as they become available

FakeComicCon wants to reiterate that our thoughts are with those who have been injured and will continue to work with relevant authorities to investigate this incident and to ensure it is not repeated.

For further information

Jenna Jones, Communication Manager, FakeComicCon

0400 000 000



I found this quiz rather hard as obvious in my first attempt getting 4/10

this weeks quiz was to do with how numbers, percentages and fractions are represented in print, which is something i struggle with.


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