Week 12


What have you learned this term?

I have learned a lot from this course this term from how to properly structure articles, where and when it is relevant to use different types of reports, how to make a post for social media. how to write for broadcast media. the skills i learned in this course will be extremely helpful in everyday life as well as professionally


What did you find most beneficial about the course?

I struggled with humanities subjects and wasn’t looking forward to participating in this course, so after doing it for 12 weeks, i can say that very much benefited from everything that was involved


What was most challenging?

Just like above, i’m not great at writing and structuring reports and articles so i found a lot of this course challenging but am glad i participated as it gave me a good understanding of how media works


Has the course changed the way you practice or think about media writing?

Yes, i always just assumed it was get the relevant information and some quotes and just put them all into a story, this course has helped me realise how much planning and thought has to go into everything to be the most effective it can be.



The feedback i received on my draft assessment included attention to grammar and punctuation, an emphasis to referencing and using the course theory in relation to the weekly activities. i have addressed this by proof reading everything before publishing and using Microsoft word to spell and grammar check, i have also referenced course readings and the prescribed textbook to relate back to what we have been learning

I have also given feedback on other students blogs and written about my experience with the course quizzes



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