Things most important

In two quick interviews, it was discovered that my friends have very similar Ideas of what the most important thing to them is.

Liam Douglas and Chris Rosenkranz each answered (both with their girlfriends in earshot) that the most important thing to them was there partners.

“I just love spending time with her doing nothing or catching up on our favorite TV series such as Game of Thrones or Vikings.” Said Chris.

he then went on to say, after his girlfriend left for work that “I also love my computer just as much, but don’t tell her [his girlfriend] i said that or ill be sleeping on the couch for a week.” he laughed.

Liam, A full time uni student living on campus with his girlfriend said “you’d think we’d get sick of each other but the amount of time we spend in class as well when we’re with friends, it works perfectly. We always have dinner together though”.

he added,”I play a lot of sport so she always comes and watches and cheers, and its really great to feel the love”.

just as Chris said and Liam alluded to here they are with there other loves.



I enjoyed doing this exercise as it helped me to get the structure of how a news story should be set out, i know its still not perfect but that should come a bit more naturally with time and practice.


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