Storify, in my experience was simply to set up and use effectively without being dumb. it had an easy to understand interface that looked great, it wasn’t crowded and it was easy to go through each page without feeling overwhelmed. one account I viewed was the ABC new’s account. I thought it was kind of fitting, a highly respected very formal news corporation getting with the times and using media that millennials would likely see.

The social media network i decided to review was Instagram. As a primarily photo sharing site, it’s used a lot by celebrities and people who want to be famous. it is full, like all new media, of cute animals and pretty girls, its also used to advertise fairly successfully and can really shoot somebody or something into celebrity status.

I believe it could be beneficial  to use both personally and professionally. Personally because it is is to use and requires very little maintenance to keep it running as well as in a professional context as it can be used in conjunction with other media to sell stories and products.


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