Storify article


In Creating my Storify article i discovered how easy and efficient it is to use. the hardest part of this activity was finding good quotes that hadn’t already been used, after that all i really had to do was search the hashtag I used and drag and drop them onto the Storify interface. After that I added a little bit of extra narration so some of the out of context quotes made sense.

for my impending article I have narrowed it down to the Longreach Yellow Belly Fishing Classic. i plan to aim it at tourist’s that way it may help to draw more people to the area, it will inform what it is, whats happening and how they can participate. I’m going to take lots of to show off the fun that will be had.

I really like the style of twitter articles or live tweeting, where lots of little tweets are sent out at short intervals which keeps readers updated, i plan to try and replicate this in my article.


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