Preparing for my Media Coverage

The possible events I plan on covering are either the Longreach Cup or the Longreach Yellow Belly Fishing Classic.

the Longreach Cup is an annual horse racing meet during September, it is generally the largest meet in the Longreach shire which in includes Isisford and Ilfracombe as well as Longreach. As well as horse racing the event will feature fashions on the field as well entertainment from popular country musician Mick Lindsay. This day will be popular for punters and bookies alike, I plan to try and talk to local punters about what the day means to them as well as the Bookies and found out how the local races impact them. as well as some horse trainers to get an insight into what it is they do.

the Longreach Yellow Belly Fishing Classic is also an annual event, it occurs during August and runs for an entire weekend. It draws many people to the region with the hopes to catch the biggest Yellow belly in the Thompson River. Many people dedicate the entire week leading up to the event to finding the perfect spot on the river and camping there for the week to ensure they don’t lose it. Run by the local Opposite Lock I plan to interview someone from the company to find out how successful the event is as well as trying to get some words from some locals camping out.

The three main points from the Why you need a plan video are:

Time waits for no one, Scheduling and Accreditation.


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